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Meet the Farmers

Hello! We are Calvin and Joel Pennings, the farmers and operators of Stalwart Farms. We are first-generation farmers.

Calvin works for an Organic Dairy and Hay operation.  He is married to Nicole, who helps with the work behind the scenes for the farm.

Joel currently works as a truck driver delivering feed.  In the past, he has had experience with dairy farming and fieldwork.  Joel has also completed a co-op with a local butcher.

Our family is very involved in the farm. Our parents support us in various ways.  Our mom is the main contact.  If you have any questions or would like to make an order she will help you. Our dad, Jeff, and 2 younger brothers help with the farm chores.


About our Products

Located just outside the village of St. George, the main focus of Stalwart Farms is to raise bull calves.  Because ethical farming is important to us, we ensure that our animals have proper housing and nutrition.
Our calves are bought from local farmers when they are 1-2 weeks old. They are given milk replacer and calf starter which provides them all the nutrients they need for their growing bodies. At 6 weeks they are introduced to corn along with the calf starter. By 8-9 weeks, the bulls are given corn and steak maker, which helps them digest the corn.  They are also given some hay.
When the animals are 800-1000lbs (live weight) they are brought to a local certified butcher, who has good reviews with the local community.   As the animals are young, the meat they produce is tender and tasty!

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