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We are excited to offer an opportunity to buy quality fresh meat, cut to your preference! When you order a quarter, half or a whole animal,  there is the option to customize the different cuts.  If you would like to try some cuts before committing to a larger amount, we have put together a sample package, where you can try a roast, some steaks, stew meat and some ground beef!  We also have individual cuts available for purchase.

Sample Package 


Our sample package is a combination of our best-selling products.


This package includes: 
1 Roast 
2 Steaks
1 pkg of Stew Meat
2 pkg of Ground Beef


Roast Beef

1 roast (2-3lbs)

Options (subject to availability)


Top Round

Cross Rib

Bottom/Eye of round



Beef Steak

2 steaks

Options (subject to availability)

Rib (2/pkg)

T-bone (2/pkg)


Sirloin Tip

Stew Meat



1lb of Stew Meat

Ground Beef


2 pkg

2lbs of Ground Beef


Orders placed for a quarter, half or a whole animal can be customized! A week before the meat is ready for pickup, the butcher will contact you and walk you through the different cutting options.  Typically there are steaks, roasts, stew meat, ground beef and soup bones.  There may be some other options as well.  Examples of customizing the cuts could be, but not exclusive to, choosing the thickness of the steaks, the size of the roasts, more ground beef, more steaks, etc. 

When the meat is ready to be picked up, you will be contacted.  At that time, we will also notify you with the amount owing.  The cost will reflect the hanging weight of the animal.  Butchering costs are included.  Payment will be received by cash, chq or etransfer to


Mixed Quarter

approximately $550-$700

60-70 lbs of actual meat


approximately $1,100-$1,400

120-140 lbs of actual meat


approximately $2,200-$2,800

240-280 lbs of actual meat

Individual Products 

You may also purchase individual cuts. This is a list of the products we offer.

Ground Beef


1" Thick Steak


(Rib and T-Bone Steak)

1" Thick Steak



Sirloin Tip Steak


Stew Meat


1.5" Thick Steak


(Rib and T-Bone Steak)

1.5" Thick Steak



Soup Bones


4oz Beef Patties


(Pk of 8 Burgers)

5oz Beef Patties


(Pk of 8 Burgers)

6oz Beef Patties


(Pk of 8 Burgers)

Blade Roasts



Round Roasts


Cross Rib Roasts


Prime Rib Roasts


Sirloin Tip Roasts


Top Round Roasts


Ask us about cuts we have not listed here. Or order your own choice of cuts when you purchase a quarter, half, or hole beef!

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